‘As your GP, I wish I could help but. . .’

Little things have started disappearing from your GP’s surgery.

It’s not theft exactly. The valuables that are going missing are treatments and prescriptions that used to be available as part of your care.

Since the NHS started suffering thousands of little cuts under the Coalition’s Health and Social Care reforms, your GP’s ability to prescribe certain treatments has been reduced.

They may not even know until they key in a prescription and find it is ‘no longer available’.

From little things like Junior Bonjela for teething babies to that second knee replacement, their ability to treat you is being eroded, bit by bit.

We want to throw light on our fast disappearing NHS as your GP’s choices become impossibly limited and patients suffer the consequences.

If you or someone you know has heard their GP regret his or her inability to offer you what you need, let us have details by email or leave a phone message - anonymously if you prefer)

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We can work together to ensure that NHS decisions are made on health grounds and not for profit margins.

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The unwelcome news that more and more NHS patients are hearing from their doctor.

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