This leaflet doesn’t reveal that your NHS health records are going on sale.
But this one does.

You may have already seen this NHS leaflet. It is being sent to all homes in England this month. It is very dull.

It should explain an imminent move to take your confidential medical records from your GP and put them on a national database for ‘research’.

But the leaflet doesn’t tell you half the story. So we’ve filled in the gaps with the help of a GP who is is very unhappy about the grab. Click on this one to get the full picture.

The original leaflet gives little clue that your family’s medical data will be available to buy by any ‘approved researcher’, scientific or corporate, for a small fee. Bupa, for example.

If you don’t like that idea, you need to opt out fast. Our notes on the leaflet tell you how.

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We can work together to ensure that NHS decisions are made on health grounds and not for profit margins.

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Go straight to download your opt-out form to hand or send to your GP surgery by clicking here or visit:

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