Patient choice? Then choose to 
be treated by the genuine NHS.

The Government says its ‘reforms’ are all about patient choice. We say that people simply want one high standard throughout England. So simply insist on the best from your NHS, right here.

TAKE A CARD. The Opt-Out Card below lets you tell your GP that you insist on being treated by the genuine NHS itself, unless there is absolutely no alternative.

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Voice your support for your local NHS today

Click on the image above to download a copy, print off, fill in your details and hand to your GP for attaching to your medical records - simple as that.

Note: if you have any problem downloading the opt-out card file, contact us by clicking here and we will email you a copy so you can print off what you need.

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We can work together to ensure that NHS decisions are made on health grounds and not for profit margins.

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ADD your name to the national 38 Degrees petition here to signal your opposition to the Coalition’s NHS giveaway

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