‘We are 80pc along the road to privatisation’ 

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The NHS in England is already 80 per cent of the way towards being turned into a US-style private health system. That’s the view of internationally respected health economist Dr Lucy Reynolds.

She says that people in England will become the victims of a pay-as-you-go private health market like the one that leaves 50m Americans begging for medical assistance.

How could it happen here? On April 1, 2012, the Coalition’s controversial changes to the NHS came into force. New rules give private health corporations unlimited rights.

Here in the West Midlands, local Save Our NHS groups have been working hard to convince the new GP-led Clinical Commissioning Groups that they are being used by the Govt to gradually hand our health service over to the private sector.

Earlier this month, the Government tried to rush through regulations that will make the GP commissioners liable to massive legal action unless they ‘prefer’ private providers – and the truth dawned on thousands of GPs. The rules may be approved this week.

It means private providers will bid low to provide easy high-profit services. To begin with, they will appear to be part of the NHS, using the logo as a symbol of assurance.

Gradually, the private sector will take over and then offer patients paid-for ‘add-ons’. The heart of the NHS will be weakened by under-funding, staff cuts and closures.

In the end, the terminally weakened NHS will become the health equivalent of the financial sector’s ‘Toxic Bank’, a dumping ground for under-funded, over-stretched and limited services to the desperate. Which in years to come will include many more of us.

This isn’t a worse-case scenario. It will happen to NHS services everywhere in the West Midlands and beyond unless it is stopped.

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